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We are a Digital & Financial Forensic firm that  provides comprehensive, world-class, affordable, and value-adding professional digital and financial forensic services to our clients making use of leading Industry technologies and solutions in Financial forensics.

Why A&D

About What We Do & How We Got Here

Our vision as a Forensics firm is to provide our clients with exceptional service delivery every time and this sets us apart as a leader. We have identified five core components that we focus on at A&D that ensures we deliver exceptionally well to our clients and they are :- client needs, communication, commitment, people and value.

Client needs

At A&D we work with clients who are listed on all of the world’s major stock exchange. We are also advisor of choice to many of the largest  privately owned companies in every location where we have a presence.

As a firm, we invest a great deal of time in understanding out clients,and their unique needs. This helps us to better tailor solutions that will produce the most results for them.

We deal with each of our clients differently and we have always delivered exceptional results.

We deploy every tool in our arsenal to make sure our clients are leaders and always have the winning edge in their industries and markets.

Small in size but great in value

Protecting financial institutions from the risks associated with automated asset laundering and crypto-threats.


Clear, precise, on time communication is priority to us as a firm, this has made us put short lines of communications in place so our Clients team know who to talk to as regards any issues they might be having.

Our professionals can be contacted easily and are always Swift to tackle any challenges our clients might be facing.


We are committed to delivering high quality service to our clients everytime and every member firm of A&D is held to same standards of exceptional service delivery.

As a firm, we have deployed a global Net Promoter Score (NPS) program to facilitate the gathering of client feedback, specifically with reference to our vision’s five attributes. 

Our clients appreciate the outcome of this (NPS) which has led to efficient, constructive, workable, and timely solutions, tailored to their particular needs and delivered right on time.


In every A&D firm, we employ highly skilled professionals who are further empowered through world-class trainings, opportunities and rewards.

By providing the right environment for our professionals to grow and get better, we provide only the best teams for our clients this ensures exceptional client service delivery in all our firms.

With the opportunities, trainings and global networking platforms we  provide our staff, they are proud and excited to work for A&D and our member firms, delivering value every time consistently to our Clients.


At A&D, we devote ourselves to innovative thinking and providing our clients with new ideas and we believe this has helped in their commercial success.

For every advice, idea and consult we provide our clients, it is backed by local and regional expertise in the industries and also our global expertise coming to play.

We believe the value we provide our clients is necessary and important for their continued success in this every changing globalized world.

People and Value

People and Value


Our team of highly experienced Partners, Directors and Managers together direct our commitment to providing and delivering exceptional client service. They have also created an environment of unlimited growth potential for everyone who works at A&D and our member firms.

We also give opportunities to undergraduates to come intern with us and gain real workspace experience in business and audit.

At A&D, our core values represent what we stand for, what we are committed to and what directs our everyday operations.

Everyone from our Partners to every team member operates by our core values.

We operate with the highest degree of personal and professional integrity: we are transparent, genuine, and fair. We value and support each other: We maintain an inclusive working environment where teamwork and relationships matter.

We understand our clients as well as pay attention to their businesses by building relationships based on respect, trust, and exceptional service.

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A&D Forensics–A Blockchain & Digital Forensic firm.

We provide comprehensive, world-class, affordable, and value-adding professional digital and Blockchain forensic services to our client.