Business Background Investigation

Business Background Investigation Services

We offer premium verification services

In business, surprises are not a good thing. Too often business decisions are made without verifying provided information, which can turn out badly in the end.

Smart business people know how to minimize their business risk. They do this in part by routinely conducting Business Backgrounds | Business Investigations before entering relationships with customers, vendors, clients, partners, we will;

  • Identification of key business personnel
  • Identification of business headquarter location
  • Verification of the physical location of the business
  • Identification of known business affiliations
  • A search of state and federal court records for suits, liens, and judgments
  • Search federal tax default and other infringes
  • Search bankruptcy records for commercial or personal filings
  • A search of newspaper indices both locally and nationally
  • Verification of compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Confirmation of specialized licensure
  • Other inquiries as necessary