Campus Training

Educational outreach to undergraduates.

University Campus Training.

We have training programs that are conducted on school campuses. Experts from A&D forensics stay at the University environment to facilitate the trainings.

We recommend 3 – 4 hours per day on a one week schedule. This helps our trainers to be able to adequately deliver and teach the undergraduates.

If this schedule does not work, an agreement can be reached between the University administration and our campus representative.

The training conducted in University campuses cover technical and soft skills. 

At A&D, we believe the undergraduates will relate best with younger engineers, this influences our choice of young folks like the undergraduates as our campus representatives. We believe this will keep them motivated and interested in the training.

Benefits of On Campus Training Program.

Our training programs are conducted at university campus. Experts from A & D Forensics will stay in university and conduct training program.

We recommend a 3 to 4 hours a day and one week schedule. Final plan is set up by our sales representative,will work with the college administration. Final schedule can be work out in order to be convincement to all. Placement training will be conducted in the college premises which includes technical and soft skills training.We believe that the youngsters can be better guided by a group of youngsters. Our trainers who are young professionals from the industry will keep the students motivated and attentive throughout the sessions.

On Campus Training

Request For On Campus Training Program.

Student or universities can ask for a training program on campus. For that, just fill out a small online application form or send us an email. After completing the form, our on campus representative will be get in touch immediately.


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