Finding a place in a consolidating industry. For the last several years, retail and consumer product companies have competed in a rapidly evolving industry.

International expansion, M&A, e-commerce, cybersecurity concerns, and changes in the supply chain have companies transforming their operations and business models to keep up with the latest developments.A&D’s Consumer Business Practice understands the factors reshaping the world of retail. Through assurance, tax, and consulting services, A&D serves a variety of businesses in the consumer products, franchise, and food and beverage industries.

Our consumer business and retail professionals help clients establish a clear vision for their businesses leveraging on our deep industry knowledge. A&D also regularly conducts surveys to gain insight into the factors that are affecting consumer confidence and spending levels.

As many consumer businesses explore opportunities to expand their operations overseas, A&D taps its vast international network to provide clients with the insight and resources necessary to navigate increasingly complex business landscapes.

Consumer ProductsChallenges such as changing consumer needs, price-related issues, rapidly-evolving business environment, economic volatility, and the rise of disruptive business models are pushing retail businesses to cut costs, find new ways to offer more value, and keep pace with today’s demanding consumer.

A&D works with Consumer Products companies to navigate complex business environment. Our professionals are dedicated to helping clients develop and implement innovative, customer-driven growth strategies that put you ahead of the competition. We provide you with deep sector and capability knowledge to interpret markets and compete favorably .

A&D’s Consumer Business Practice offers insight into the industry’s most significant challenges. From the rise in disruptive markets to changing supply chain dynamics, A&D is aware of the challenges and opportunities facing consumer products companies and committed to helping them navigate their way out.

Gaming, Hospitality & Leisure driven by improving economic trends and new consumer behavior, widespread changes are putting pressure on the gaming, hospitality, and leisure industries.

For commercial casinos, consolidation has increased in an expanding international market; companies are merging with one another to gain more market share and reduce competition. Meanwhile, new hotels and resorts continue to emerge, and businesses are keeping an eye on the future, closely monitoring the preferences of millennial.A&D is one of the only global firms to dedicate a practice to serving the Gaming, Hospitality, and Leisure sectors.

We provide hotel consulting, M&A due diligence, debt restructuring, and international tax planning services to clients throughout the country, and around the world. Through articles, conferences, and research reports, A&D’s professionals are at the forefront of critical industry issues, publishing insights and speaking on a variety of emerging challenges and opportunities.

Our international team keeps businesses up to date on proposed tax laws and regulation changes, offering proactive guidance as companies restructure and reorganize their operations in the face of new industry trends.

Global, tailored, and virtual: the future of shopping. The huge potentials that lies in retail business require efficient systems and structure around financial reporting, business models, corporate strategy, and tax evaluations. 

At A&D, we work with our clients to get the right mix.Shifting economic trends, finicky shoppers, and consolidation in the retail industry have retailers restrategizing, whether by selling their products online to reach a wider coverage or engaging in different kinds of promotional strategies.

A&D’s Consumer Business Practice helps businesses compete in a marketplace undergoing transformation, through industry-specific knowledge regarding regulatory, reporting, and complicated tax requirements – all of which vary widely by state and by country.More and more shoppers are using online platform to make their purchases, and A&D offers guidance to companies on how best to take advantage of the growing trend.  A&D has assisted many retailers on their most important endeavors, whether by offering guidance on accessing capital, expanding operations, or how best to maximize return for investors.