Certified Cryptocurrency Investigation Training (CCI)

Are you an investigator, compliance officer of banks and financial institutions, regulator, tax specialist, forensic accountant/auditor, certified fraud examiner, cryptocurrency exchange, and OTC trader? Learn how to apply real analytic approaches and execute blockchain analysis using various cryptocurrency investigation tools.

Upcoming Training Dates

December Dates:

Cohort 1: Dec 6th – 11th, 2021

Cohort 2: Dec 13th – 18th, 2021

January Dates:

Cohort 1: Jan 10th – 15th, 2022

Cohort 2: Jan 17th – 22th, 2022

The CCI and 3CS credentials equip practitioners with the comprehension and competence to trace and investigate transactions on the Blockchain, using various cryptocurrency investigation tools. This training is provided on-site at  A&D Forensics Lab.

Course Fee: $1,200


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Certified Cryptocurrency Investigation

Training and Certification Information


  • Know the Most About all Cryptocurrency Addresses
  • Automatically Distinct and Appealing Graph Transactions
  • Practice with Reports from the Real World
  • Carry out Blockchain Analysis with Credence

Certified Cryptocurrency Investigation


The Certified Cryptocurrency Investigation Training equips practitioners with the comprehension and competence to trace and investigate transactions on the Blockchain using various cryptocurrency investigation tools provided on-site at the A&D Forensics Lab for six days.

Learning Objectives

1. Review the fundamentals of blockchain technology, what it is and how it functions.
2. Learn the partnership between Dark Web markets and cryptocurrencies
3. Understand how to track criminal activities using blockchain technology.
4. Decipher how cryptocurrency can be used in lawful and illicit transactions.
5. Conduct cryptocurrency transaction analysis
6. Practice Real-world investigative techniques and methods to analyze crypto crimes
7. Earn the credentials of a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI)
8. Earn the credentials of a Certified Cryptocurrency Compliance Specialist (3Cs)


  • Be inquisitive
  • Have investigating mindset
  • Understand Basics of Blockchain

Exam details

  • Multiple choice questions
  • 8 hours
  • Open notes
  • Passing score of at least 80% or better

Upon completion, practitioners will be able to apply practical techniques to discover how criminals utilize cryptocurrency to further illicit activities, and practice proven strategies on how to investigate cryptocurrency transactions using various cryptocurrency investigation tools.

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Review of Introductory Training as Contained in BIG Curriculum


It addresses the fundamentals of fiat, virtual and cryptocurrency and how it is used in legal and illegal ways.

Learn more about the many different forms of cryptocurrency. Set the groundwork for law enforcement, financial institutions and financial fraud analysts to develop a firm and critical understanding of what cryptocurrency is, how it operates, and how it can be used in both legitimate and criminal activities


Explore the most powerful cryptocurrency and the inquiries into the associated illegal activity.

Explores the explanations for and how Bitcoin has been invented. Take a look at the popular criminal schemes used by Bitcoin in cryptocurrency mining, and how anti-money laundering and compliance experts use sophisticated analytical techniques to investigate criminal activities linked to it.


Get an overview of the Internet section widely used by criminals and their criminal enterprises.

Students learn about extra crimes involving bitcoin, the use of peer-to – peer exchanges by offenders, and little-known tips for real-world investigation.


Discloses the illegal aspect of the blockchain and how the evidence left behind can be found and monitored.

Students are exposed to perspectives, such as how dark web markets and cryptocurrencies operate together and how they translate into the physical world, that are important to researchers.


Explores blockchain technology and analytical methods for crypto crime investigation.

Students develop their ability to recognize the correct investigative strategies relevant to cryptocurrency crime and gain an awareness of how blockchains function and the pseudo-anonymous existence of cryptocurrency, offering researchers the ability to evaluate data effectively and rapidly to detect illegal activity and/or facilitate criminal investigations and prosecutions.

A&D Forensics Certified Cryptocurrency Compliance Specialist (3CS) Track.

Learn how compliance could be a competitive advantage to your exchanges with all your AML, CTF, KYC and OFAC requirements.

Upon completion, participants will gain extensive knowledge on how to boost their compliance programs and flag cryptocurrency  crimes.

CCI Featured Reviews From BIG

A well-designed course with the right balance between the necessary technical elements and the practical aspect of Investigation and Compliance.

Not only law enforcement officers, regulators, Fintech Compliance officers interested in Blockchain, DLT, and Forsenic, should attend.

The fact is that if you are working in traditional FinancialCrime, investigation, AML, compliance, Audit, legal, you better hurry up. With more and more investment banks, asset manager, and financial institutions globally getting their feet into this asset class, it is not a choice to ignore, but to understand, including the risk and the evolving regulatory expectations surrounding it.

Henry Yu

APEC Head of Financial Crime Compliance, Adjunct Professor, University of HK Faculty of Laws, Natixis

The Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator module courses have significantly enhanced my technical skills in cryptocurrency mining, criminal schemes, blockchain forensics and AML cryptocurrency investigations. The law enforcement case studies are of real value for risk and compliance officers worldwide. As the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continue to evolve in a very dynamic way, I find extremely valuable the cryptocurrency criminal awareness techniques taught across all modules. Recommended for all financial services professionals looking to dig deeper into crypto compliance!

Cristina Fleckenstein CAMS, CCI

Business Management and Risk Initiatives, Credit Suisse

Ready to earn your Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator credential to validate your new level of knowledge?

Then our Cryptocurrency Investigator Certification Course is for you.

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Full Crypto Investigator Course

Take all 5 modules and pass the final exam to earn the credentials of a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator.

A&D Forensics Certified Cryptocurrency Certified Investigator certificate
Blockchain Intelligence Group Certified Cryptocurrency Certified Investigator certificate

Designed by Investigators for Investigators

The qualification course of our Cryptocurrency Investigator is focused on the knowledge of our in-house researchers and trained Bitcoin practitioners over several years.

Onyekelu Chioma

Adedeji Owonibi


About Adedeji...

Adedeji is a Forensic Investigation Practitioner and Certified Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigator (CFE, CCI, CCFI & Reactor Certified) with more than Fifteen years of experience across few banks within the Nigeria Financial Sector and educator in Corporate workplace settings, Deji is uniquely qualified and involved in forensics analysis of Financial Infractions, Cryptocurrency crimes and designing plans that works for Government, Regulators, Law enforcement. He was appointed by SEC Nigeria as Member Virtual Asset and Fintech Regulatory framework drafting Committee, He is a member of Global Digital Finance’s KYC/AML working group in France and a member of the Industry led Thinktank that worked on and came out with FATF cryptocurrency Travel rule InterMessaging Standard for Virtual Assets (IVMS101) to help combat money laundering and terrorism financing using cryptocurrencies around the globe.
His law enforcement training efforts on new money and cybercrime have seen him train many law enforcement agents in various countriesn i.e Nigeria Police, Nigeria Army CyberWarfare command, Zambia Financial Intelligence Unit, Zambia Central Bank and more.
He is Chainalysis Sole Africa Investigative Partner helping law enforcement investigate criminal organizations using cryptocurrency to conceal illiccit activities across Africa, he is also a training Partner for Blockchain Intelligence Group based out of Canada.

Onyekelu Chioma

Onyekelu Chioma


About Chioma...

Onyekelu Chioma  is a passionate and professional teacher with expertise on blockchain and cryptocurrency education. She is a renowned blockchain advocate in Africa with the belief that there are so many career opportunities to be leveraged on in the Blockchain Industry.

Chioma is the Head of Academic and Training, the Crypto Bootcamp Community, and a member of Stake holders in blockchain technology association of Nigeria (SiBAN).

Chioma’s passion for fourth industrial revolution technology has helped her hold key strategic positions in various private  sectors, regulating the way for blockchain adoption in the continent of Africa.

As an experienced teacher, blockchain educator, and a cryptocurrency trading coach, she has trained a lot of students and assisted them in identifying their innate skills which enabled them to carve a niche so as to become experts in their chosen blockchain career.

She’s currently a Crypto Forensic Intern at A&D Forensics and undergoing her Masters studies  in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency at University of Nicosia

Abdulhafiz Ibrahim

Abdulhafiz Ibrahim

Digital Forensic Specialist


About Abdulhafiz...

Abdulhafiz Ibrahim is a Digital Forensic Specialist/  Ethical hacker who specialize in Cryptocurrency Forensics and Web Application Penetraion testing.

He has a vast experience in Penetration Testing having been a faculty instructor for Aptech Academy where he taught Certified Ethical Hacking Course (CEH)  and CompTIA A+

which exposed students to not just the theoritical aspect of  Hacking but also the practical hands on experience of penetration testing.

He  also has a good experience in Web Application  development and security testing making use of technolgies which includes ReactjJs Library, Node Package Manager(NPM ), JavaScript CSS among others, He’s also a good python programmer which he used mostly for writing hacking realted scripts.

Abdulhafiz a strong advocate for open source projects and the Linux operating system  with 4+ years as  a Linux System Administrator and having certifications which include Fundamental Linux Administration, Risk Information System Control (CRISC).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The trainings are designed for investigators and compliance officers using different cryptocurrecncy blockchain and cryptocurrency investigation tools, hence participants are expected to be inquisitive have investigating mindset, and understand basics of blockchain technology.


The cost of the on-site training event is $1200 per person, which includes six days of on-site, in-person training, personal training materials, catered lunches, an exam administration, and a hands-on practical session for participants.

The cost of our Virtual training event is $800 per person, which includes six days of virtual, webcam-based training, personal training materials, and exam administration.


Certainly! If you have at least 5 partcipants, contact us for further details on a suitable package for your company. 


Taking all 5 modules and passing the final exam earns you the credential of Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator from Blockchain Intelligence Group. As a CCI graduate, you will realize the full potential of available data analytics engine to power tracking and tracing nefarious activities. In addition, graduates will earn the credential of Certified Cryptocurrency Compliance Specialist from A&D Forensics Institute. Graduates will automatically receive a personalized digital form of their certificate.

What format of questions are on the final test?

For the exams, most of the questions are multiple choice. There are also some true/false questions and a few questions that ask you to match things to other things.

Will there be a test for each module? Or a final test at the end of all the modules?

Both. There are multiple lessons in each module, and at the end of each lesson there is a short quiz. Then, at the end of each module there is a test. Finally, at the end of all the modules there is a final test, which is the test you need to pass to earn the credential of Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator.


Since our training focuses on a hands-on approach, the lab has a limited capacity and often fill up more than 1 month in advance. Hence, when you decide on the cohort to partake in, we advise that you plan ahead to sign up so as to ensure your spot.


You will be contacted via email confirming your course registration. In addition, we will also be in touch 1 week before the scheduled date of your selected course and a . final email will be sent 48 hours before the start of the course to remind you of the plans.

In a subsequent email, you will get your invoice along with payment choices.


If you haven’t received these mails, please check your spam folder.

What grade do I have to get on the final test to earn the credential of Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator?

To earn the credential of Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator, you must get at least 80% on the final test at the end of the final module.

I would like to print out my certificate. Where can I find it?

Please go to My Dashboard > Certificates and you’ll be able to view and download it from there. Our team will also send you the file via a FTP link. You can use this FTP link digitally (like in your email signature for example) to showcase your new certification online.

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