Digital Forensics Training

What we seek to achieve with this course is to educate persons interested in becoming cyber investigators with the right knowledge, skills and technical abilities to undertake and successfully carry out their own investigations

5 Days On-site Training (Computer Forensics & Digital Investigation) 

The purpose of our digital forensics training is to familiarize security experts, investigation practitioners and interested students with key aspects of what makes for  digital forensics.

We will walk you through the basics of computer forensics which covers acquisition, analysis, interpretation of digital evidence and reporting.

This onsite training takes place at our forensics lab where as you are taught, you see practical demonstrations and at a particular time will make use of your own technical skills to apply what you have learnt.

The training covers the theoretical and practical aspects of managing a  digital investigation. We will be looking at core areas that are important to all disciplines of forensic science like :- legislation, seizure of evidence at the crime scene, the importance of maintaining a chain of custody.

Our training modules are simple to follow and understand. You will be taught on practical analysis of digital evidence, using industry recognized forensic software as well as open source Forensic tools to aid your investigation and reveal what has happened on a system. 

Particular areas covered include: evidence handling, analyzing system information, cryptographic techniques assisting computer forensics, event timing, disk imaging and disk recovery.

The breakdown of the lecture timetable is as follows  :- three full day lectures and two days of tutorial/practical sessions.

 The assessment typically comprises of a large case study based final individual Forensic Report Submission.

Who Should Attend:

The module starts from the fundamentals of digital forensics analysis.

  • The training is open to professionals involved in the collection, storage, and analysis of computer systems and network data.the module will move start from fundamental level hence, including
  • Individuals Planning to build Digital Forensics Career
  • Forensic  Graduate Students from Nigeria Universities
  • Forensic Accountants determined to learn Digital Forensics
  • Company IT Team
  • Anyone with basic computing knowledge interested in learning practical Computer forensics

What you’ll learn

    • The investigative process for digital forensics investigation.


    • How to identify and apply appropriate forensics tools to acquire, preserve and analyze system image.


    • The importance and the processes necessary to handle digital data/evidence so as to ensure its admissibility in a court of law.


    • How to produce, review and critic a forensics report 

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