Monitoring solutions that help banks spot their crypto exposure


With our industry leading tools, we diagnose your systems and let you know how much exposure your bank has to cryptocurrency transactions. 

The monitoring systems we set up for you will also provide information letting  you know if you are  unknowingly providing banking services to Crypto Merchants, Mining Pools, Cryptocurrency ATM services, Stolen fund from exchange hacks, gambling, OTC Crypto brokers, Sanction evasion and other cryptocurrency related criminal activities thereby aiding illicit financial flow.

At the completion of your system analysis, we help you set up systems that will keep you AML compliant going forward.

 Conducting prospective crypto customers pre-onboarding audits


A&D Forensics is Africa’s leading Blockchain Forensics solutions provider and we are qualified to perform in-depth fund audits and high-volume cryptocurrency flow trail for banks and financial institutions who are keen on knowing their specific level of exposure to cryptocurrency flow, and  for banks who want to open accounts for cryptocurrency companies but are concerned from a risk, compliance and enforcement standpoint.

As a forensic firm, the tools we use for banks are world class and the Industry’s best. These tools make sure that the banks only transfer funds for legal purposes and the crypto businesses the banks serve operate lawfully and for the good of all.

At A&D, we provide banks with crypto business audits so they can start a banking relationship with crypto focused institutions and individuals knowing that such an individual or crypto focused institution has been vetted by us and has a reasonable risk profile acceptable to the bank.

We also offer future follow up audits on behalf of banks to make sure the crypto focused institutions that are banking with them remain compliant.