Forensic Accounting and Investigation

Forensic Accounting & Investigations

Extraordinary service in unusual situations.

At A&D Forensics, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide our wide-ranging capabilities in forensic accounting and financial investigations in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We have the experience and flexibility to scale our efforts to fit the size and needs of any matter and appreciate that every engagement is unique.

According to ACFE Occupational fraud study 2017;

  • A typical organization loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year.
  • The median loss from a single case of occupational fraud is $145,000.
  • 22% of fraud cases studied resulted in losses of at least $1 million each.
  • 78% of frauds were committed at the employee or managerial level.

our major goal as financial investigating firm is to identify and document specific events involving the movement of money during the course of a crime to pinpoint every step where money moves through your company:

  • Where the money came from (original and past sources).
  • Where the money is (exactly who is touching it and when).
  • Where the money is going (does recorded and actual delivery match up).

We’ll improve your policies to prevent future fraud.

Organizations with weak compliance policies and poor audit capabilities can become victims of the undetected fraudster more easily. Areas of vulnerability include payroll fraud, expense reporting, contract bidding, false invoicing, and other white-collar crime vehicles. A&D Forensics Professionals can help you implement anti-money laundering techniques and assist you with risk management related to fraud:

  • Corporate investigations 
  • Due diligence
  • Anti-corruption compliance & investigations
  • Forensic technology services 
  • Financial reporting disputes
  • False claims act
  • Fraud prevention 
  • Segregation of duties and maintenance of strong internal controls.
  • Creating an anti-fraud policy and code of conduct.
  • Conducting surprise audits.
  • Establishing a whistleblower’s hotline.