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A&D Forensics lab is equipped with the latest tools and technologies that help our clients locate, scan and analyze large diverse evidential data. With our world class solutions and tools, our clients are able to obtain information fast enough to resolve litigations, persecutions, matters pertaining to regulatory and financial fraud.


We make use of Industry leading cutting edge technologies and solutions in our forensics lab that helps our clients in times of crises. As world class professionals in Digital forensics, our services included but not limited to data capturing, data identification, analysis, reporting to expert witness services in court on behalf of our clients.


At A&D, our services are suited to our clients organizations specific and corporate needs.

We have a team of dedicated digital forensic analysts, world class who provided thorough digital forensic investigation services including expert witness testimony.

As regards our forensic assignments, we start with locating sources that have evidential data, this leads us to exam emails, servers, hard drives, gadgets like smart watches, external media devices, mobile phones etc

Once source(s) containing evidence have been located, our team of experts proceed with forensics imaging of the data held on digital device. This usually involves the examination of all electronic evidence such as Internet artefacts like browsing history, bookmarks and social media activities through keyword searches.

On completion of analysis, we present a detailed and straight forward easy to comprehend written forensic investigation report applying ACPO guidelines. Our report are usually accompanied with a glossary of terms and appendices covering technical material and evidence marked as exhibits.

A & D Forensics

For individuals and organizations who need access to evidence stored on digital materials in any format as proof in litigations and court crises,  our team of digital forensics experts are able to help.

With our vast experience in criminal, civil, INGO, corporate and private cases, we have assisted many businesses and corporations to successfully provide evidence in various prosecutions and as well assist many defense cases.

Tested, trusted, world class, our team of digital forensics experts are waiting to help you.

Put your investigation in trusted hands with our professionally trained digital forensics team

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