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A & D Forensic helps organizations address the needs for evidence and discovery management, cyber incident response as well as big data.

A&D’s resources and experience allow us to efficiently collect and analyze electronic data from virtually any type of storage device or media. Our solutions are available on-site, in our laboratory, or through remote-kit equipment shipped to client locations. With extensive knowledge of privacy laws, we are equipped to deploy on-site culling, filtering, and review. From early data assessment and rapid deployment, to secure evidence storage and expert witness services, we provide a cost-effective forensic and discovery workflow for any circumstance.

 Data Collection & Preservation

With a comprehensive portfolio of forensic solutions, we are capable of handling any form of media, including obsolete computers, storage media, mobile devices, and cloud services. We work with Mac and Linux/UNIX, as well as all versions of Windows. Our secure forensic laboratory is equipped to provide password removal and decryption services, file format conversions, and the processing or duplicating of most types of analog or digital storage media.

Pulling from computers, cell phones, cloud services, or other sources, our team collects and preserves critical digital evidence. we can scale our services for any project, ranging from single computer preservations to large international data collections involving multiple custodians and sources.

Evidence Analysis and Investigation

Our certified analysts and investigators look deeply into collected evidence to uncover key facts, circumventing any possible attempts to obscure the truth. Our forensic process allows us to recover deleted files, document user behavior, track the movement of data, and analyze network activity.

Backup/Data Tape Remediation

A&D forensics consultants employ innovative workflows and technologies to process data tapes in the most efficient manner possible, regardless of whether a project involves a small or large number of tapes. Our approach allows us to index, search, and extract data in a way that quickly focuses on responsive content. This reduces volume, minimizes the data passed on for processing, and controls costs.

Social Media, Websites, and Cloud Services

We have extensive experience collecting and analyzing evidence from social media sites, blogs, and websites. These often transitory sources of critical information demand special techniques and handling, including the ability to monitor changes over time. Our team is well versed in the special tools and approaches required to collect from cloud services, such as hosted email, storage or other applications.

Audio, Video & Multimedia

Multimedia evidence, including audio and video collected from devices or online sources, often plays an important part in a case. At A&D Forensics, we can process video from security systems and portable devices and examine digital audio for authenticity and tampering. We can also collect, preserve, analyze, and process multimedia evidence, including performing format conversions or improving intelligibility.

A & D Forensic enables organizations to mitigate risks and perform end-to-end discovery management by:

  • Providing advanced, easy-to-use tools for data culling, review, and mining in native file format
  • In-depth evidence extraction and sorting by uncovering deleted data, file carving and forensic de-duplication of data.
  • Ensuring data protection and client data confidentiality by using multi-layered encryption on data at rest and data on the move.
  • Providing a remotely accessible review platform for external reviewers and legal councils
  • Ensuring cybersecurity of infrastructure by using industry-leading practices for data security protocols and policy
  • Ensuring legal admissibility by maintaining a strict chain-of-custody and audit trail accountability and tracking of your data.
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