Management Advisory Team

Management Advisory Team


Complex issues? Don’t worry! Our advice will be a rainbow in your business cloud.

To thrive in today’s shifting market environment, organizations need to tightly align their people, processes and technology with their strategic vision and goals. Once aligned, the relentless focus must be on achieving the vision.

The most complex business problems demand the highest level of insight.

A&D Forensics’ Management Advisory services know that even the most qualified and seasoned professionals need objective advice on the issues that matter most. At A&D, our professionals’ teams draw on specialized industry knowledge, multidisciplinary backgrounds in technology and strategy, and deep experience in order to settle matters quickly and efficiently. we help you get there—transforming the way you do business in order to drive innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve controls.

 We provide a variety of management advisory services to clients. When we go into an organization, we evaluate their existing business performance systems and processes to ensure those management systems are supporting their strategic objectives of the organization. After we identify improvement areas based on what’s the best practices for the specific business situation, we work with clients to develop a strategy that will help them achieve their business goals, and provide project management services to successfully implement that value.

We objectively help you LaunchDiscoverRoadmap and Implement tactics to clarify your operating strategy.


Working collaboratively, we assist you in:

  • A&D Quick Check
  • Management Advisory/business process improvement
  • Software selection and optimization
  • Business analytics
  • Project and program management
  • Merger integration and carve-outs

In today’s competitive marketplace, the pressure to deliver high-quality results quickly and cost-effectively is unprecedented. To help, Call A&D today.

A&D Quick Check®

A cost-effective, “fast-hit” diagnostic tool leading to improved business performance.

When you have recurring business or technology issues but you don’t want to get mired in a long, drawn-out evaluation process, we have the answer—the A&D Quick Check®.

What is a Quick Check?

Our Quick Check is designed as a “Fast hit” tool to provide you with:

  • An analysis of performance relative to your industry
  • Benchmarking and performance goals
  • Actionable and sustainable quick-win opportunities
  • Longer-term planning for performance enhancements
  • A roadmap for improvement, including capital and human resource requirements

We’ve helped organizations like yours improve operations and optimize their people, process and technology to support growth.

Questions answered by Quick Check Evaluation process

If you have questions about how to improve your operations and drive growth but don’t know where to start, a Quick Check gives you the answers you’re seeking.

Questions clients typically ask include:

  • Do we have the right people and the right structure for our organization?
  • Why does my financial close process take so long?
  • Why can’t I get the data or reports I need, and how do we compare to other organizations in my industry?

How it works


The process starts with a discussion with A&D specialists who’ll answer your questions and listen to understand your specific issues. The call is strictly informational, designed to learn more about your goals and priorities. We also outline our approach and the deliverables you may receive.

View the activities and deliverables of our Quick Check. (create a  link to PDF file holder here)

Your individual assessment

Your A&D Evaluation/assessment uncovers root cause issues to develop a go-forward approach that aligns with your vision and strategy.

You’ll receive an individual assessment tailored to your specific needs—whether you want a holistic review of your entire organization or a deeper analysis of a specific functional area or cross-functional process.

Each assessment includes a look at your organization, department or function from five distinct perspectives:

  1. Value─ Does the business receive appropriate value in terms of cost, quality and performance?
  2. Capability─ Does the business have the right people, processes and technology to operate efficiently and effectively?
  3. Alignment Is the department or function positioned to support the strategy and vision of the business?
  4. Risk Is the business subject to undue or high levels of risk?
  5. Innovation Is the business in a position to explore new ideas and leverage technology?

You’ll receive high-impact deliverables in easy to read formats.

Get the insights you need to improve performance, and experience the power of being understood.

Contact A&D today to start your Quick Check.

  • A&D Quick Check
  • Business process improvement
  • Business transformation
  • Software selection and optimization
  • Business analytics
  • Project and program management
  • Merger integration and carve-outs

In today’s competitive marketplace, the pressure to deliver high-quality results quickly, and cost-effectively is unprecedented. For help, Call A&D today.

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