Hydra Darknet Market Shutdown- A&D Forensics

Hydra Darknet Market Shut Down!

Hydra darknet market was shut down by Germany’s Federal Police on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Shortly after, a Russian resident was indicted by the Department of Justice  on conspiracy charges related to the Hydra market.

Ronin Crypto Heist


The Ronin Network Crypto Heist which happens to be the largest crypto heist in history is a wake-up call for  Cryptocurrency Exchanges. This implies that with the increase  in cybercrimes, cryptocurrency exchange hacks, wallet hacks etc, cryptocurrency businesses firms and exchanges must be more aware of cyber security practices and implement compliance policies to protect its users.

UAE-VARA-A&D Forensics

UAE Implements New Virtual Asset Regulatory Law, VARA

The Dubai World Trade Centre’s board of directors will establish an Act against offenders.The Act will include possible fines to be imposed on offenders. Meanwhile, VARA is permitted to take actions against individuals who do not comply with the UAE Regulatory Law by VARA. The offenders could be fined or have their permit suspended for not more than six months.