Open Source Intelligence

Facilitating improved decision making by offering company and private OSINT consulting.


We use the OSINT discipline to collect and coordinate the growing amount of intelligence available on the Internet. Gathering OSINT on yourself or your company is also a great way to understand what details you’re offering to possible attackers. Learn the surface of your attack and defend yourself.


We provide intelligence of all identified OSINT records to organizations who wish to fix their vulnerabilities and provide services to individuals that want to increase their personal visibility. We use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to find information that others may not have.


We will collect , organize and synthesize highly specialized knowledge and provide actionable perspectives that can be used to achieve the legal and business goals of our clients. We use cutting-edge tools-both proprietary and third party-to rapidly and powerfully extract knowledge from both public and private information.

Open Source Intelligence

We provide individual and corporate customers across Africa with confidential OSINT consultation and analysis services.


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