Prospective Client Investigations

Potential Client Investigation Services

We highly recommend Prospective client investigation to all our clients as it helps them mitigate potential risks that may arise from an association with the wrong party.

Prospective Client Backgrounds should be done when considering a business relationship.

Consider these due diligence background checks as a means of scrutinizing the firms you choose to work with now, and into the future, in hopes of minimizing your business risk & potentially embarrassing situations.

Even the best trial attorneys need expert assistance in addressing and presenting complex business, financial, and accounting issues. A CPA experienced in litigation support can be invaluable in gathering, organizing, and interpreting financial data for lawyers, judges, and juries. This allows you to concentrate on the legal issues. Typical services provided include:

  • Expert testimony
  • Financial damages and lost profits analyses
  • Business valuation
  • Consulting expert analysis
  • Assistance with preparation of discovery requests
  • Assistance in developing questions for the examination of witnesses in depositions or cross-examinations at trial
  • Developing case strategy
  • Investigating and quantifying financial fraud and embezzlement
  • Financial reporting (“GAAP”) and auditing standards (“GAAS”) expertise
  • Other forensic accounting services