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We trace, investigate blockchain and cryptocurrency-related frauds, scams, ICO frauds and exit scams. We help our customers stay compliant by avoiding the murky waters of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


In a rapidly evolving business and regulatory environment, the right guidance is more important than ever.The A&D consulting approach is applied consistently across the network through the use of the A&D Consulting Manual


A&D Consulting provides high-level strategic guidance to clients when the stakes – and the scrutiny – are highest.


Flexible training for blockchain that makes the team speed up in a very short period.


Government agencies, exchanges, and financial institutions. With our access to Industry-leading tools in the blockchain-cryptocurrency environment, we help our customers understand cryptocurrency, the dark sides, and how to stay above board at all times. We also train our customers on using these tools to better help themselves, enforcing compliance when necessary.


Investment Plans

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Financial Institutions

Many banks approve cryptocurrency transactions without knowing they are doing so. Scam exchanges and individuals take advantage of the ignorance of banks to hide away large sums of money. We can help you trace every transaction with our Industry-leading tools and make sure no money going through your bank is gotten through crypto fraud. This helps your reputation as a sterling financial institution that has the interests of its customers

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We help you with a simple API from our partner – World Leading AML Compliance Solution Provider. This API is trusted and being used by over 470+ organizations. This helps you minimize risk exposure as an exchange, it helps with customer due diligence, it flags and blocks illicit transactions and financial flows, this improves the overall security of your exchange.


Government & Regulators

We help you monitor blockchain-cryptocurrency trends in real-time, provide you with the best regulatory practices and frameworks by which you can regulate VIRTUAL ASSET SERVICE PROVIDERS (VASP)  in your state/nation.

Our Monitoring And Investigation Solutions Are Number 1 In The World.

We provide blockchain analytics for government agencies, exchanges and financial institutions. Our industry leading tools and trainings help our customers understand the dark sides of cryptocurrency, investigate it and enforce compliance.

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