Forensic Consulting

A&D forensics offers consulting services to clients that give them the required insights and helps their legal efforts. Consulting with us, helps our clients to understand and locate essential elements that will provide additional evidence that will help in the settling of cases in dispute. Our consulting services help our clients better appreciate the criminal investigation process when they see our team of experts at work in the field of digital forensics and litigation support.

A&D Consulting

Combining a deep understanding of technology,investigations and catching up with latest advances in forensics tools and techniques is a complex task and one not easily handled. But at A&D we have been able to achieve that with our team of experts.

As a client, you  may be interested in setting up your forensics lab from the ground up, knowing the right tools to get. We can help you with the right information and guide you with cost saving measures while ensuring your lab is set up to world standard.

At A&D Forensics, we  provide consultancy services to private individuals, lawyers, judges, government departments, and private corporations. We aim to provide the necessary guidance for the most accurate conduct of criminal investigations.

Criminal investigations are procedures requiring a forensic examination of  facts and evidence to prove an alleged criminal’s guilt. This process requires many steps and processes that are often hard to grasp not just for those not interested in the legal system but also for those interested. But we are committed to our clients’ cause and we  provide the expertise and experience required to support the litigation activities of our clients, identify key elements that can provide additional information for the best resolution of the contested case.