Blockchain Forensics

Learn about the blockchain, it’s function and applications. With our industry leading tools and solutions, we show you how we are able to investigate crypto-crimes and enforce sanctions where necessary.

Blockchain Forensics

Cryptocurrency Investigation

Blockchain forensics is the same as cryptocurrency forensics. They  both are  processes of monitoring, analyzing the movement of digital assets on the blockchain.

The bitcoin blockchain can be accessed by anyone, however other blockchains are not easily accessed and a vast number of transactions happen on those blockchains and they need to be analyzed, deciphered to accurately report the movement of funds between parties.

Our investigations are detailed and fact based and we are aided by our access to Industry leading tools coupled with our expertise, we perform word class investigations and report accurate findings.

We are experienced in compiling detailed accurate forensic reports for digital assets and also making use of visual aids that help in the understanding of the reports. This goes a long way in assisting law enforcement agents in their persecution of fraud.

Blockchain Forensics

On/Off Ramp Transaction Tracking and Investigation

One of A$D’s core specialties is in Blockchain analytics for cryptocurrency and data monitoring analysis.

As Africa’s leading Blockchain forensics firm, we have developed strong alliances in the Blockchain-Cryptocurrency sector with other global forensics firms and only make use of Industry leading tools for analysis and data monitoring.

We have extensive in house knowledge of Africa’s crime architecture and we make use of third party partners when necessary. 

With all this working for us, we help you trace and investigate cryptocurrency related frauds, terrorism finance and we do this within a short time frame with results.

Blockchain Forensics

Cryptocurrency Frauds, Scams and Theft

Most cryptocurrencies offer pseudonymity to it’s users, this makes it difficult to uncover the persons behind scams, frauds using those digital assets.

Many criminals who use cryptocurrency for their activities do so because they want to be evasive and  hide traces of their activities. 

At A&D, we are experts who specialize in investigating crypto crimes such as – Money Laundering, Terror Financing, tax Fraud, ICO Scams, Exchange Exit Scams, Phishing/Exchange hacks, Pump & Dump Scams, OTC, Broker and P2P Scams e.t.c.

These crypto crimes are the reasons why bad actors seek to hide their identities, conceal the source and the destinations of their ill-gottens funds and seek to use cryptocurrency in order to seamlessly and anonymously cash out.

Talk to us at A&D, we are experts in resolving these kinds of situations.

Blockchain Forensics

Hidden or Non Disclosed Cryptocurrency Assets

Cryptocurrency is pseudonymous and the identity of the holders of an asset can only be revealed when mandated by law.

With the mainstream mass adoption of cryptocurrency, divorce, mistreatment, bankruptcy, financial fraud, and tax evasion are situations in which people often seek to conceal money in the form of cryptocurrency e.g in tax evasion, the participant keeps a bulk of their funds in digital asset with the intention to mislead the government and regulatory bodies and not pay the right amount of tax.

In any of these fraud cases, A&D can help and provide necessary sanctions.

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